EYE2DRIVE Technology


The EYE2DRIVE technology enables users to capture images with a customizable dynamic range. This range can be set from standard linear to very high, with various discharge curves set frame by frame, resulting in hundreds of possible combinations and the required sensitivity.

EYE2DRIVE’s imaging sensor natively acquires the response with the desired dynamic range, eliminating the need for external digital processing. This reduces the complexity of algorithms, data load, and power consumption of the entire imaging system.

We designed our technology focusing on the automotive industry‘s needs, particularly for autonomous vehicles.

A Step Forward

The EYE2DRIVE approach to vision sensors significantly advances intelligent vision systems. This innovative approach overcomes the limitations of traditional HDR techniques by utilizing a fundamentally different approach to HDR combined with AI engines. Through adaptive HDR, a new generation of vision systems can utilize the flexibility of dynamically reconfiguring the sensor and utilizing a digital brain, such as a machine learning system. The AI system receives high-quality visual data it can process without additional elaborations. It can easily extract structured information and utilize it for its vertical applications and decision-making systems.

Intellectual Property & Patents

EYE2DRIVE (PKA Eye-Tech SrL) technology for adaptive HDR is protected by a patent family that is owned by the company: