E2D-1080 Imaging Sensor

An electronic eye generated by MidJourney to represent the new EYE2DRIVE's E2D-1080 Imaging Sensor
Technical Specs of EYE2DRIVE's new  E2D-1080 Imaging Sensor

E2D-1080 Imaging Sensor Specs

  • 1080×1080 sensor resolution
  • RGB colour pattern
  • Dynamic range tunable through I2C-like interface (>110dB)
  • 3um pixel pitch 
  • 4.20mm x 4.00mm module size
  • Power consumption <50 mW
  • Photo sensible area size 3.24mm x 3.24mm 
  • Sensor frame rate 24fps (max at full frame) 
  • Differential analog data output
  • 1.8V – 3.3V supply voltage

Main Features

Adaptive HDR

Using the EYE2DRIVE imaging sensor, High Dynamic Range (HDR) can be dynamically tuned from standard low to very high, giving the best tradeoff against contrast.

Tuned Sensitivity

If the lighting is low in the current context, EYE2DRIVE’s imaging sensor can increase the sensitivity in real time, providing the critical and reliable information needed.

No Artefacts

Get rid of flickering and ghosting! Everything is native in a single image, which means zero data payload and no artifact or ghosting in case of moving objects.

Low Power

The EYE2DRIVE’s E2D-1080 imaging sensor has been built around the standard linear pixel and is designed for low-power applications such as autonomous car imaging systems.

EYE2DRIVE’s Patents

EYE2DRIVE technology for adaptive HDR is protected by a patent family that is owned by the company:

United States Patent Office

Patent US9918026.B2

Photodetector device for electro-optical sensors with variable light dynamics

The EYE2DRIVE’s patent US9918026, also registered as WO2013046003, EP2761657 and ITUD20110149, has been officially registered with the United States of America Patent Office. It was filed in 2012. It describes a mechanism for photodetection in electro-optical sensors. It has a pixel that can convert light into voltage output. The mechanism has a system for charge dissipation and a specialized circuit to regulate the reset voltage. This regulation circuit is designed to connect the reset terminal and the externally programmable reference terminal alternately. Moreover, it can be used by multiple pixels simultaneously, which enhances the device’s functionality and flexibility in capturing light information.

United States Patent Office

Patent US11184568.B2

Pixel charge control circuit in digital devices for images acquisition

The EYE2DRIVE’s patent US2014204189, also registered as WO2018229645, EP3639512 and IT201700066147, has been officially registered with the United States of America Patent Office. It was filed in 2012. It describes a photodetector device for electro-optical sensors. It comes equipped with a pixel that converts light into a voltage signal. The device includes a mechanism for controlling charge dissipation and a circuit that adjusts the reset voltage. This circuit can switch connections between a reset and an external programmable reference terminal. It can be shared among multiple pixels, enhancing device efficiency and photo-detection adaptability.

European Patent Office


Multi-dynamic vision sensor

The EYE2DRIVE’s patent EP4154517 also registered as WO2021234566, has been officially registered with the European Patent Office. It describes an electro-optical image acquisition device with multiple light-sensing sub-blocks. It uses pixel discharge control circuitry to create a range of reset curves that are dynamically selected for each photosensitive element. This approach captures “multi-dynamic” images with varying light dynamics, enhancing image quality and facilitating advanced information extraction. The patent highlights a method that applies reset curves line by line, ensuring operation under any lighting condition.

Italy Patent Office


Not yet available

The EYE2DRIVE’s patent IT102024000011512 has been officially filed with the Italian Patent Office by Monica Vatteroni, Carmen Cavallotti, and Alessandro Caleo in 2024.

EYE2DRIVE vision sensor is based on a large collection of international patents owned by the company.