E2D-1080 Imaging Sensor

E2D-1080 Specs

  • 1080×1080 sensor resolution
  • RGB colour pattern
  • Dynamic range tunable through I2C-like interface (>110dB)
  • 3um pixel pitch 
  • 4.20mm x 4.00mm module size
  • Power consumption <50 mW
  • Photo sensible area size 3.24mm x 3.24mm 
  • Sensor frame rate 24fps (max at full frame) 
  • Differential analog data output
  • 1.8V – 3.3V supply voltage

Main Features

Adaptive HDR

Using the EYE2DRIVE imaging sensor, High Dynamic Range (HDR)
can be dynamically tuned from standard-low to very high giving the best tradeoff against contrast.

Tuned Sensitivity

If the light is low, the sensitivity of the EYE2DRIVE imaging sensor can be increased in real-time, always returning meaningful information.

No Artefacts

Get rid of flickering and ghosting! Everything native in a single image, that means zero data payload and no artefact or ghosting in case of moving objects.

Low Power

EYE2DRIVE imaging sensor has been built around the standard linear pixel. Design made for low power applications such as autonomous cars imaging systems.

EYE2DRIVE vision sensor and related patents